Integrated personalized cell technologies for improving health outcomes in children and adults


About Us:

We are uniquely set up to conduct first-in-human clinical trials to de-risk various aspects of advanced cell therapy. Our lab is intentionally embedded in the hospital service line so we can easily conduct autologous and allogeneic cell manipulation and deliver product/cells to subjects enrolled in UW Health clinical trials. We strive to develop healthcare and hospital-friendly solutions for cutting-edge cell innovations and devices. We will enable FDA CBER INDs for cell technologies in cancer, immunotherapy and other medical conditions and integrate these with clinical trial operations within UW health and UW School of Medicine and Public Health.

Our goal is to ensure the availability of cellular and tissue based therapies to patients by translating the efforts from bench to bedside. In order to successfully tackle the challenges associated with advanced cell manufacturing, we have built a dynamic infrastructure, assembled a team of cell manufacturing and clinical trials experts and strive to offer services to UW Madison researchers, clinicians as well as other academic and industry partners in a cost effective manner.

Our Core Values:

  1. To provide quality and excellence in FDA phase I/II compliant cell manufacturing.
  2. To strive for best patient outcomes as our primary endpoint.
  3. To create a model for distributive justice, technology access and sustainability.