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PACT Director inducted as ISCT President

Jacques Galipeau
Jacques Galipeau, MD
Director, Program for Advanced Cell Therapy (PACT)

PACT Director Jacques Galipeau, MD, FRCP, was officially inducted as President of the International Society of Cell and Gene Therapy at their annual meeting in San Francisco, May 4-7, 2022. Galipeau officially replaces Bruce Levine, PhD, professor of cancer gene therapy at the University of Pennsylvania, and will serve as President through the 2024 annual meeting.

Galipeau has been involved with ISCT since its inception, but he describes the current focus as leaning more toward genetically modified cells (e.g. CAR-T), which lend themselves more to viable commercial pharmaceutical products. Galipeau is interested in bringing people onboard who are interested in platforms in all steps from discovery to deployment. As a practicing physician (as well as a university scholar) Galipeau will bring the patient’s perspective to his term. Galipeau feels this is especially important in terms of access to patients, whether they use a public healthcare system, or private as in the US.

“As President of ISCT, I see it as my role to provide a voice to the unique challenges and opportunities that occur in this field. Particularly when it comes to the role and contribution of academic health centers in first-in-human innovation and eventual end users of these technologies.” Galipeau said.

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