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UW PACT connects with FDA CATT to advance novel UW-Madison T-cell CRISPR methodology.

UW Program for Advanced Cell Therapy connects with FDA CBER Advanced Technologies Team (CATT) to advance clinical development of novel University of Wisconsin-Madison T-cell CRISPR methodology.

Ross Meyers, Director of Cell Manufacturing of UW Program for Advanced Cell Therapy (PACT) has established communication with the FDA CBER Advanced Technologies Team (CATT) concerning an innovative approach developed at UW for the manufacture of a #cartcelltherapy dsDNA HDR (Homology-directed repair) knock-in template. The CATT discussion is focused on acceptability of a cGMP-compliant method of ancillary product manufacture in anticipation of a near future PACT-sponsored cell therapy IND application.

The crisprcas9 CAR T project is a collaborative effort of University of Wisconsin-Madison scientists Krishanu Saha and Christian Capitini to develop a GD2 receptor target CAR T for the treatment of sarcoma in children and adults as published in the Journal of Immunotherapy of Cancer [PMID: 36382633].

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