Integrated personalized cell technologies for improving health outcomes in children and adults

Forming a PACT to Treat Cancer Patients with Cutting-Edge Cell Therapies

One and a half years into his time at the UW Carbone Cancer Center, Jacques Galipeau, MD, (pictured left) sees 2018 as the year the Cancer Center and other UW Health groups will begin treating patients with new advanced cell technologies available for the first time in the US.

“I was recruited so that the incredible discoveries in the cell technology space bubbling all through the science at UW can get ‘MacGyvered’ into promising high-tech treatments that are accessible through UW Health to Wisconsinites,” Galipeau, a hematologist and the inaugural assistant dean for therapeutics discovery and development in the UW School of Medicine and Public Health, said. He is also director of the Program for Advanced Cell Therapy, or PACT, and tasked with advancing these technologies to treat human diseases.

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